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Air conditioning (AC) is not just a luxury. Due to the recent pattern of climate change, for many Americans today, strong air conditioner cooling systems are a necessity. If you are ready to order air conditioning installation or repair (we can also help you identify when to replace your air conditioner), you will need to find a skilled and reliable air conditioning contractor who is able to successfully tackle the job of cooling your home for maximum comfort.

Fortunately, Networx has exactly what you want -- high caliber local AC contractors and certified technicians. Get fast, free air conditioning repair quotes and estimates for expert repair – by phone, text, or email. Our AC repair service technicians have the experience and the know-how to guide you in purchasing the best type of air conditioning for yourself and your family. They will make the AC installation or AC service of your air conditioning unit a snap. If you’re dealing with air conditioning mistakes performed in the past, our pros will be able to help.

Today’s heating and cooling systems (also known as an HVAC system) are designed to operate with improved energy efficiency, meaning lower energy bills, and with minimum hassle. However, to optimize performance, be aware that it is important to take care of any necessary air conditioner repair and maintenance promptly. Our air conditioning expert technicians will ensure that your system runs smoothly and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Choose the best type of air conditioning for your home

As a homeowner, you need to make some serious decisions about your residence's air conditioning system. If you are planning a new air conditioner installation, choose the right type of system to suit your home and budget: central air, mini-split, window, or portable AC.

Central air distributes its cooling power via an HVAC duct in your home, making it ideal for new construction or a home which is already equipped with the necessary ductwork. One issue with this type of AC is that it requires a functioning HVAC system, so you may want to have an HVAC technician review the cooling and heating system prior to installation. Another option is a split AC unit system which is installed through the wall and is perfect for retrofitting in a house or condo without existing ductwork. Window air conditioning is an affordable yet efficient way to cool just one room, and is relatively simple to install.

Opt for a less powerful portable AC unit when you live in a rental and/or have a limited budget; it is inexpensive, doesn’t require ductwork, and can be moved from room to room … or taken with you to a new home. It's a portable thermostat on the go that won’t surge your energy bills.

Maintain and repair your AC system

Once you’ve chosen the right AC for your household, keep your unit or current system in good shape and working at its best with careful air conditioner maintenance. This is the best way to avoid costly repairs to your AC system.

Make sure that the flow of cool air is not blocked by furniture or draperies and that the exterior component is clear of foliage or debris. Change the filter on a regular basis, according to the AC company or manufacturer’s directions, to ensure proper air quality. Don’t forget to clean the unit’s coils and the ductwork if necessary.

Talk to our certified technician staff if you’d like to set up a professional maintenance appointment. Is your system blowing warm air – or nothing at all – instead of the refreshing coolness you crave? Call us for quotes for air conditioning and an experienced air conditioning service contractor to troubleshoot the problem and bring comfort back into your home again.

Stay cool AND green

The health of our planet is vitally important to everyone. Ask your air condition repair and installation company about how to make using your system as environmentally friendly as possible. Sometimes the answer might be a total AC replacement with a more modern and energy-efficient version the old unit’s metal parts can be recycled.

Avoid buying an air conditioner that is too large for the area it is supposed to cool. Not only is this far from energy efficient, but it can actually wear the system out much faster and cut down the system’s lifespan by years. To regulate your cooling system, hook it up to a programmable thermostat. This device can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature according to when you will be using a particular area of the house. There’s one other practical advantage to keeping your AC system green – you will save money on your utility bills now and in years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about AC repair services or have been wondering, “where can I find the best AC contractors near me?”, look no further!

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