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Finding The Right Residential Electrician

Are you looking online for a professional, quality electrician who possesses the necessary skills and years of hands-on experience and can confidently operate complex electrical components and systems? If so, feel free to breathe a deep sigh of relief right now, because Networx has a large database of pre-screened electrical contractors and technicians on hand for your electrical needs and electrical remodeling emergencies. Just enter your zip code in the box, input the electrical issue you are experiencing, and we will match you with multiple qualified local electricians with strong backgrounds in electrical work experience. Get fast, free estimates on your electrical project such as lighting fixtures or dishwasher installation cost by your choice of phone call, text, or email. Then all you will have to do is compare the bids and choose the best licensed electrician for your needs. If you need an emergency electrician, we've got you covered too! They can help you with any electrical problem, small or large!

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Types of Electrical Service

There are 2 basic types of electric service available – residential and commercial. Although an electrical contractor in either field needs to be licensed and knowledgeable, he or she will have somewhat different areas of specialization, as homes and businesses require different forms of maintenance. Contact a residential electrician when you want to install, upgrade, or repair the following: home electrical wiring, a new electrical panel upgrade, lighting systems, and major electrical appliances (for example, a Jacuzzi) in your house or condo, which will usually have single-phase electricity. On the other hand, if you are a business owner or manager, hire a commercial electrician to install and maintain your firm’s heavy-duty 3-phase electric systems, utilized for power lighting, equipment, and machinery.

Safety First

Working with electrical components can be highly dangerous – quite literally a matter of life or death. It is not a task for DIY or unqualified workers. Know the qualities of a good electrician and employ only a certified electrician with training and experience in safety practices and procedures, as well as the proper equipment, to perform all major electrical installation or repair. Check that any bid you receive on a job specifies the services of a licensed electrician, who is also fully insured and bonded. Make sure that all the necessary permits will be pulled and the work will be done to code, making it 100 percent ready to pass electrical safety inspection. (Not only is this step essential as a commonsense safety measure, it is also a requirement of homeowner insurance providers, most condo boards, and mortgage loan issuers.) Never neglect problems with any component of the electrical system that is running at your home or place of business. Unfortunately, electrical fires are both quite common and extremely hazardous to property and human life. A circuit breaker that trips constantly due to overloaded circuits or other factors, flickering lights, shocks when someone touches an appliance, worn or frayed electrical cords, or burnt-looking plugs are all urgent calls for prompt electric repair. In addition, the requirements for where GFCI electrical outlet wiring must be installed have become more stringent over the years; to prevent the possibility of accidental electrocution, have a reliable electrical repair service ensure that any and all outlets located close to a source of water -- both indoors and outdoors -- are up to current code.

How Electricians Charge

Before you hire an electrician, first find out how you are going to be billed for the electrical work. Technicians generally tend to charge according to one of three methods: 1) an hourly rate (which often starts with a minimum amount, such as 90 minutes); 2) a flat fee for the service call plus an hourly rate; or 3) a flat fee based on the entire job – for instance, installing ceiling fans in 4 bedrooms. To avoid misunderstanding, agree on the type of billing method in advance, as well as whether there may be additional charges for travel time, mileage, or special supplies. Many electric service companies do offer service 24/7, but when you need to call in an emergency electrician outside of normal business hours – in the evening, at night, on the weekend, or during a holiday -- you can reasonably expect to pay a premium price to resolve inconvenient electrical issues in a timely manner. Curious about how to find “a qualified electrician near me?” No need to fret, we’ve got you covered so you no longer have to wonder whether there are residential electricians near me!

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