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Garage Door Installation & Replacement

Are you u a homeowner planning to install or replace a garage door? This complex job requires the services of a skilled garage door service technician and Networx has the right professional for you. Just enter your zip code in the box. We’ll take care of the rest, connecting you with pre-screened, reliable installation pros in your area, who will give you garage door installation cost estimates by phone, text, or email. As well, these specialists can provide garage door opener installation cost estimates as this product will be coupled with your brand new door. Compare multiple quotes and choose the right person when the time comes to install a garage door.

Reasons to replace your garage door

Under normal conditions, you can expect your garage door to have a lifespan of about 25-30 years. Consider replacing your old door if it has reached this milestone or if it shows signs of severe damage, such as major dents, cracked or rotted wood, sagging, or bending that could potentially have a negative effect on the rollers and torsion springs. Another cause for concern is overly high energy bills due to poorly insulated garage doors. Not sure whether it’s time for you to order a garage door replacement … or simply request a repair? We have an extensive network of professional garage door installation contractorswho can help you every step of the way. They can walk you through the whole installation process and make sure you are comfortable with the entire project. Consult our reliable installation specialists about garage doors prices and installation and for help in reaching the best decision.

garage door installation


When you are ready to go ahead with a new garage door installation, you have to take a number of factors into account. The first of these is very important – the exact size of the opening. Do you have a space made to fit single or double doors? Measure the width and height that you will need. Automatic garage doors come in standard widths of 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 15.5, 16, and 18 feet. Standard door heights range in 3-inch increments from 6 to 8 feet (with the exception of 7’3”). Don’t worry if your garage door opening does not conform to these sizes, though. It is possible to order your new automatic garage door in a large variety of special custom widths and/or heights. However, be aware that not all door styles may be available in the specific custom size which you request.


After you verify the size of your residential garage door, the next step is to choose among the many garage door styles, in terms of both opening method and appearance. These details are a useful way to elevate your curb appeal. How do you want your door to open? Whether you prefer one that rolls up, slides, swings out, or swings up, there is a model for you. When it comes to good looks, modern garage door styles offer a huge choice. Select a slickly contemporary style or one full of old-fashioned country charm, with raised, recessed, or flat panels. Whether you opt for sleek steel doors or dreamy carriage house doors, make the style distinctively your own with designer touches like windows, finishes or paint colors, and attractive hardware. It is important to be careful which garage door company you choose to replace your old garage door. The world's leading garage door brands include: Clopay, Overhead Door, and Amarr, to name a few. Make sure to pick a high quality garage door as it will save you money in the future. For the utmost in curb appeal, be sure to coordinate the look of your garage doors with your home itself – and do stay within the specifications of your HOA.


The material that composes your brand new garage door matters. It’s not just a question of personal taste, although you may have a decided preference for, say, natural wood or sleek metal. Different door materials – wood, composite, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass -- will vary in durability, weather resistance, security, weight, and cost, as well as in the amount of maintenance or potential repair they will demand in the future. Ask your professional garage door installer to recommend a material that will suit your lifestyle. Add appropriate insulation to the door of an attached garage, or any garage that multitasks as a workshop or man cave.

Garage door opener Installation

When you are planning to have a new automatic garage door installed, think about your garage door opener too. Interestingly, it could well be possible for you to continue using your old opener. The question is, though, do you really want to? To find out, check whether your current opener conforms to the latest government safety standards and has sufficient horsepower to lift your replacement garage door. If the answer is “no,” you are going to need a new garage door opener installation as well. If you have found yourself wondering, “where can I find reputable garage door installation near me?” or “Are there garage door opener installation near me?”, know the answer can be easily discovered with our vast list of serviced technicians located throughout a majority of cities and states.

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