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Professional painters are hard to find. And finding the right painting company for your painting job is even harder. These days it seems like anyone with a van and ladder does some painting service. Finding an established, proven contractor or handyman that specialize in painting can be stressful.

Let Networx help you find an experienced painter for your next project. Our job is to connect you with commercial or residential painting contractors who are qualified to help with all your painting needs - whether it's touching up your shutters or the complete interior of your home. Simply enter your zip code in the box above and we'll match you with multiple painting contractor services in your area today. Compare different quotes and hire a local painting crew that's best for you. 

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Types of Painting Services

There are 2 main types of painting services. You can hire a professional painter to either do interior painting or exterior painting work. If your office or your home's interior needs a new refresh, you can find an interior painter to paint or repaint walls, or apply a new decorative wallpaper to turn your vision into a reality. You can also find a painting contractor that can also do drywall repair or drywall installation if needed. Contact an exterior painter if you only want to have the outside of your house or business to be painted. You can also ask about getting custom art painted onto your exterior to increase the curb appeal of your building or home. Choose the paint color that best suits your painting project and let your painting crew do the rest of the work for you. Whether you are looking for exterior or interior painting experts, you want to be reassured the job goes to plan.

Hiring a Professional Painter vs. DIY

If you have a painting project coming up, it's important to consider whether you want to hire a professional painter or tackle the project on your own. When it comes to making that decision, there are a few factors you should consider: 

  • Painting Cost: The main benefit of DIY-ing your paint job is avoiding the cost of hiring a professional, allowing you to save money by only having to purchase supplies. On the other hand, taking on a painting project can take time, which is often shortened considerably when performed by an experienced painter.
  • Expertise: If your painting project requires a certain level of expertise, or you're especially concerned about the final appearance of the paint job, you're much better off hiring a professional. Professional painters have the right paints, tools, and knowledge to guarantee a polished finished product.
  • Control: If you choose to DIY your project, you can control all aspects of the job, allowing you to complete your project to your exact specifications. However, with the right painter, they will be able to take your specifications into account and execute the job to your liking, while saving you the time of doing it yourself.
  • Lasting Power: With DIY projects, there's always the possibility of making an error, leaving you with the inconvenience of having to hire a professional to redo it anyway. Paint jobs done by professionals will often last longer, saving you the hassle of repainting and eventually saving you costs down the line.

Why choose a Networx Painter? It's our mission to provide a superb experience for you by helping you quickly and easily connect with local painting professionals so that you can make the best choice for your paint job needs. To that end, every commercial painting or residential painting expert on our company site has been screened by us to ensure they are certified and licensed. In order to be listed with us, our professional painting contractors are required to maintain a high level of professionalism and customer service - if we receive any valid negative feedback about any of our painters, we will promptly remove them from our site.

Recently, have you been wondering “where can I find interior house painters near me?” Or maybe if you are painting the outside of your residence, the question might be, “where can I find the most reputable exterior house painters near me?” Find the right commercial painting expert for your business project or the right house painting contractor for your home project. Whichever it may be, Networx has you covered given the long list of cities and states we service throughout.